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Why Buy Pre-Owned



Vintage, estate, and refurbished jewelry are all terms used by jewelers to designate used or previously-owned jewelry sold at below-retail prices. 

So, what makes pre-owned jewelry an appealing option? 

Purchasing previously-owned jewelry is an affordable, unique, and environmentally friendly way to attain pieces that might otherwise be too expensive or difficult to find. Here are some points to consider:


Jewelry inventory at retail stores consists of the latest trends, focusing only on the latest fashions, many of which are soon old news. The magic of shopping previously-owned jewelry is the opportunity to find different and unusual pieces. You want to wear jewelry that sets you apart, not the same bling everyone else is wearing. A ring or necklace might have been passed down for generations before coming into our inventory, making it a one-of-a-kind gift.

Money Saver

Getting more for your money is the most obvious reason for buying pre-owned jewelry. Purchasing new inventory from retail jewelry stores means paying a premium. Gently worn jewelry looks just as good as new and doesn’t hurt the wallet.

Quality & Authenticity

We guarantee that all our jewelry is 100% authentic. Quality matters, especially when purchasing treasures that may become heirlooms. Pre-owned jewelry of exceptional quality demonstrates that the piece can withstand the test of time. Even vintage pieces can look new, plus they carry that extra “cool” factor.

Environmentally Friendly

By buying pre-owned jewelry, you are playing a small part in preserving our planet. It’s one more way of reducing, reusing, and recycling – preserving energy and raw materials for future generations.

Making A Style Statement

Jewelry can be a symbol of elegance and romance, just as it can be fashion-forward and trendy. Pre-owned and vintage pieces come from different eras and places, making it easier to find an unusual gift for you or your loved one that they won’t see on everyone else. Unique jewelry pieces exude an aura that is attractive and unmatchable. There is jewelry for every style and taste.

With Pawn 1 Discount Jewelry, you can rest assured that you will receive a piece with the same exceptional quality you would expect when buying new jewelry. Before listing, all of our jewelry pieces are carefully inspected, cleaned, and if necessary, restored. Our goal is to provide you with quality jewelry at prices that save you money.


Now, all that's left to do is to find your piece and make your statement.

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