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Why Buy Used

The Case For Used Jewelry

Between social media, and various online forums we’ve seen that there is a stigma surrounding used jewelry. From your average daily-wear or formal occasion piece, some worry about the superstitions associated with buying used. 

So why all this concern about jewelry? There are, after all, numerous items that people buy used or pre-owned. Cars, clothes, designer bags, appliances, and whatever floats about on classified listing sites or marketplace websites where no stigmas even exist. Diamonds and gold are sustainable materials that are often recycled and fabricated into new pieces. 

Vintage, estate, and refurbished jewelry are all terms used by jewelers to designate used or pre-owned jewelry often sold at a discount of the original price. 

So, what makes pre-owned jewelry a reliable option? 

Money Saver

Getting more for your money is the most obvious reason for buying pre-owned jewelry. In many instances, you can find a piece of pre-owned jewelry and compare that to a similarly new ring marked well over twice as much. Besides, don't we all like to save some dollars?


When purchasing any used item, especially jewelry, quality is always of importance. A single piece of jewelry is composed of many different parts that combine into a beautiful work of art. Pre-owned jewelry of exceptional quality demonstrates that the piece has withstood the test of time, and will remain the same in the future. So, while it may be vintage, it still looks as good as new.

Environmentally Friendly

By buying pre-owned jewelry, you are doing a small part in preserving our planet. It is another way of reducing, reusing, and recycling – preserving energy and raw materials for the future generations. The result is less mining and air pollution while safeguarding valuable resources like fuel, forests, and water.

Making a style statement

Jewelry is a symbol of elegance and romance while being fashion-forward and trendy. Techniques used to create vintage pieces are non-existent in today’s modern jewelry. Unique jewelry pieces exude a type of aura that is attractive and unmatchable. Like any other fashion trend, jewelry to has its cycles which is why we offer something to suit every taste.

With Pawn 1 Discount Jewelry, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive a piece that displays the same exceptional quality you would expect when buying new jewelry. All of our jewelry pieces are carefully inspected and restored before listing. Our goal is to provide you with quality jewelry at a discounted cost that saves you money. Now, all that's left to do is to find your piece and make your statement.

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